Saturday, July 4, 2015

Guest Blogger Post - Ramadan Reminder Shrink Plastic Charm Tutorial

At the beginning of our 30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge I asked my community on Instagram if anyone wanted to create something fun for the challenge and Hend Elburi from HudHud Islamic Greetings said yes!

Hudhud Islamic Greetings sells high quality, modern Islamic greeting cards for every occasion.

I was so excited when she sent me this tutorial, I hope you enjoy it too.  Please visit her on Facebook and Like her page!

Ramadan Reminder Shrink Plastic Charm Tutorial

Discovering shrink plastic was like magic for me.

The material is also known as “shrinky dink plastic,” and is a clear plastic sheet that you can draw on with permanent marker, then cut out.

Placing the sheet into the oven or using a heat gun (a blow dryer won’t work because the heat isn’t concentrated enough) will shrink the plastic into a hard, thick plastic.

It is AMAZING to watch! If you do this in the oven, be sure to keep the oven light on to watch the magic.

Permanent Markers
Shrink Plastic (I purchased on Amazon, but it is widely available in craft stores)
Heat gun or Oven
Hole punch
Ribbon, twine or string
String, yarn, a chain or anything you’d like to use as the bracelet or necklace material

1. Cut the sheet into the desired shape. Be careful not to cut it too small because the plastic will shrink to about 50% of its size.

2. Punch a hole or two in the sheet with the hole punch to allow thread to pass through it. A necklace charm will need only one hole and a bracelet will need two holes.
3, Draw a design or write something as a Ramadan Reminder on the sheet of plastic that will be worn as a bracelet or necklace. In this demonstration, the charms say “Don’t Backbite” and “Make Thikr.” The colors from the permanent markers will be intensified when the plastic shrinks, so don’t worry if the colors aren’t very dark.

4. Use the heat gun and direct the heat at the plastic sheet. It will curl and look horrible and like it’s going to be destroyed, but just wait! It will magically flatten out and harden. If you are using the oven, use the instructions that came with the sheets to “bake” it. Generally, putting it in the oven between 300 and 350 degrees for 2 to 3 minutes is fine, but keep your eye on it throughout!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Polymer Clay Moon & Star Tutorial

Earlier in our 30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge, we used Polymer Clay to make a Crescent Moon and Star Traveling Tic-Tac-Toe Game.

We thought it might be fun to use the same clay again and make handmade Islamic jewelry!

Plastic Mat
2 Pliers
Polymer clay in two colors
Clay tool
Clay shapes
Oval rings
Lobster closure
Cut out two even pieces of clay from both colors and use your roller to lay them out even thickness.
Use your clay shapes to cut out the moon and star pieces. If you do not have the star shape, check out the TicTacToe Game tutorial on how to make stars.  If you don't have the circle shape, you can use a bottle top.
To make a crescent moon out of your circle, simply use the circle shape again a little off center.
Poke a hole in all your shapes.

Place all the pieces on a cooking tray and bake according to manufacture's instructions.

Once your pieces are baked, allow them to cool off completely and use your pliers to add the charms to a chain.

Add the lobster clay closure to the end of the chain to make a bracelet.

Here is a close up of all our charms on our bracelet. Now we are all ready for an Eid party!

Feel free to pin or share this tutorial!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Patchwork Post-it Crescent Moon and Star Art

When my husband and I got married 15 years ago, my mother in law gave me a beautiful handmade quilt as our wedding present. It is bright red and full of texture.  Well, I got it a few years later, but that is another story.

After the birth of my children, I was also given a handmade quilt, a different color for each girl.

Using these quilts as inspiration, we made art today as part of our #30DayRamadanCraftyProject (look for other art, crafts and free printouts from the last five years on Pinterest and Instagram).

The only difference is that instead of family heirlooms, this project is meant to be temporary and moveable. Just like our Khatam Ramadan Window Clings

This is a great project for kids with short attention spans.  Or maybe even some adults who love to stick and restick Post-it notes all day?

Picture frame
Post-it notes in 3 colors
I belong to a great group on Facebook called Buy Nothing.   People in this group are always listing things for free and anyone can ask to receive them.  Recently someone offered up this gorgeous Keep Calm and Merry On frame and I snatched it up faster then you can say recycled art. It has been sitting in my garage since January waiting for this perfect project.
Open up your frame and take out the image.  Flip it over and draw out a crescent moon and star design with your pencil. It's okay if you don't get it perfect as you'll be erasing it a few steps down.

Start cutting out your Post-it notes in rectangle, triangle and square shapes and place the sticky sides on your paper. We saved all the parts of the Post-its that didn't have the sticky side on them in a baggie for another future project.

Keep cutting and playing around with your design until you are happy with it.  Once you feel done, go back over and erase your pencil lines.

Place your masterpiece back in the frame and hang it up on your wall.  Here is a close up of ours, doesn't it look like a patchwork quilt?

If you ever get tired of the design, take down your artwork, remove the Post-its and start over.
And next time you are in Staples or Office Max, look around for other unusual art material.
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