Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Save the Dave - Homemade Harvest 2014

This morning I was waking up to a view outside my window of my dogwood tree leaves turning to a brilliant shade of red. Fall is definitely in the air. And with fall comes my annual Homemade Harvest Open House.
Homemade Harvest Open House 2014

Please save the date for November 8th from 12 to 6pm and join me at my home to support the handmade community. Kids are welcome to attend, there will be food served all day and you are sure to find a unique item to gift.  In turn, you'll be able to talk to the person who's hands made that item with love.

If you live in the Seattle/Eastside area and are interested in attending, please email me at ACraftyArab at gmail dot com.

And for my friends and fans who will be visiting again, I can't wait to see you!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Arabesque Set in Arabic and English - eid milad, eid, hob, salam, shukran

Last weekend I did the Shuruq Festival and after spending a day with customers I realized something: I get asked to pronounce quite a few of my cards.

I had dozens of people ask "how to do you say this" as they point to a card written in Arabic. I would patiently tell them it was "Eid Milad Sai'd." I would then get asked the same question by someone else shortly after.

I really don't mind saying Eid Milad Sai'd fifty times a day, I love sharing my language with anyone that asks. 

However it got me thinking about all the people that don't ask. How sad that they walked away from my booth without knowing how to wish someone a happy birthday in a different language.

This problem bothered me before I realized a solution this weekend. I came up with these Arabesque card sets that have both the Arabic sentiment, a pronunciation, and the English word(s).
Arabesque Set in Arabic and English - birthday, eid, love, peace, thanks
I'm using the same paper cardstock supplier that I used for my Eid Money Envelopes to make these five card set that includes these sentiments. Here is each card listed separately if you don't want the 5 card set:

But please don't make that stop you from asking how to pronounce anything!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Arabic Alphabet Magnets Update

The Arabic Alphabet Magnets that I sell have had a transformation!  What do you think of their fresh, bright, clean look?

Arabic Alphabet Magnets by A Crafty Arab
I recently realized the Arabic magnets really needed a smart new update.  Here is a review of their old look:

I'll be spending the day taking new photos to updated my listings as it's a lovely, cloudy day in Seattle, perfect for photography.
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