Thursday, January 22, 2015

Raise awareness for International Mother Language Day

As many of my loyal readers know, I'm a huge fan of the Arabic language, having spent my last seven years devoted to making an Arabic alphabet poster, game cards, magnets and also giving away free Arabic alphabet coloring pages , craft tutorials and games to teach Arabic right here.

I am proud of having a mother tongue and although I don't speak it as much as I'd like to my own girls, I still enjoy popping it in conversation. When I am around other Arabs, I try to speak Arabic so my girls can hear it.  But other then memorized Arabic, they don't speak it as much as I'd like.

My dream is for things to calm down in Libya so I can take them there for a summer to meet their cousins and be submerged in Arabic.  Ahhh, someday, Insha'Allah.

Last month, when I heard Multicultural Kids Blog was doing a campaign to raise awareness for International Mother Language Day, I knew I wanted to be a part of that fun.

It's a win win really, people around the world get a reminder of the beauty of Arabic, and it helps remind me to put more Arabic in my own house.

I'm a day late to the campaign, but I'd like to start it off with a kiss. 
Bow'sa is kiss in Arabic, is written from right to left and also has 4 letters.

Enjoy the rest of the month on my Instagram account, which just hit over 100 less then two weeks of getting "re"started


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Introducing Paul Cezanne to 2nd Graders

I love being an Art Docent at my daugther's school.  This fun program provides a sequential interactive education in art history and artistic skills and is a great way for me to volunteer my art skills to others.

I have provided lessons before on my blog and wanted to continue them for this year.

I had forgotten my phone (aka camera) at the last two art classes, but I finally remembered it yesterday for our lesson on Paul Cezanne.

Introducing Paul Cezanne to 2nd Graders
I started the lesson by showing them a photo of a dashing young Paul.
The French painter Paul Cezanne
I told them he wasn't very good at portrait painting, which was the "in" thing to do at this time. He was one of the first artists to take paint and canvas outside to paint the great outdoors.  He hated the hours and days and months of sittings it took to draw a portrait. 

He'd had his full of people, because they didn't still like an apple. Knowing his weakness and turning on his strength turned him into a master of fruit painting. He loved to look at the shapes and color of fruit, filling canvases with spheres and cones and cylinders.

I brought in three objects I asked them to draw.  An avocado, apple, and Asian pear.

I showed about how the avocado was actually a triangle, while the apple was a circle, and the Asian pear was more of a square.  I asked them to study the shapes and see if they can draw them on their 9x12 construction paper. 

Each student was given a box of oil pastels.  Here's the catch: they were only allowed to use two colors!  I pointed out how Cezanne loved to use shading and blending in his work and we were going to use our fingers to get that same effect.

As always, I am truly impressed with the masterpieces they created. Here are a few I was able to photograph before they went up on the wall.

Beautiful triangle avocado.

An apple blended with red and yellow.

An avocado showing bruise marks, just like the real thing.

Our apple had red lines captured so well in this image.

This square pear looks just like the real thing.

Leave it to my kid to add the landscape :P

This masterpiece has details like the top knob.

The colors on this are so well blended!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Arab Artists & Arabic Art Exhibition at the Belleve Art Museum

Tomorrow night, the Bellevue Art Museum will have the privilege of premiering the Arab Artists & Arabic Art Exhibition, curated by the Bellevue College Arabic Culture Student Association.

This ground breaking exhibit will feature art created and influenced by the Arab world from renowned and local artists.

I am so honored to have been asked to include my pieces Camel Crossing and Border Camel.

The exhibit will start with a fundraiser gala at BAM on Saturday January 17, 2015 starting at 6pm.  It will include an evening of Arab music and a catered dinner.  For tickets, please visit this link.

Featured artists include:

Award-winning photographer, Tamila Timm Akl and her beautiful photographs hope that an image will inspire you to get out there and explore the world.

Umm Aminah speaks about art as a medium of culture sharing: “Arab and Islamic art has always been an important and influential contribution to world cultures. The Quran teaches that we were created in different nations and tribes to know each other. I believe that art can be a profound medium through which to hear each other’s voices and learn from what different people have to share.”

Sabah Al-Dhaher speaks about why art has importance & great meaning to him: “Art is a thread that has sustained my spirit from childhood and through my intense struggle to survive during my life in Iraq. Art was an outlet for a kind of spiritual transformation during those difficult times that help me to heal and open to the beauty and joy of living. Art is a place of expression and meditation in which I celebrate and connect with that joy. The intention of my work is to share this celebration with others.”

Rajaa Gharbi and her works will be at the Arabic Artists and Arabic Art Exhibition Fundraiser Gala! Her work has been described as “Resplendent…”, “Enchanting”, “Having subversive compositional techniques”, “Thought-provoking”, “Engaging”, “Visual poetry”, “Highly evolved work”, “…which collected power is a stain that leaves the page and enters your chest” by fellow artists and viewers.

Farida Hakim speaks about her participation in the upcoming Arabic Artists and Arabic Art Exhibition; "I am blessed to have been asked to showcase the opportunity and privilege to exhibit my new paintings, which reflect the rich heritage of the Arabic language and culture.”

Naj is a Palestinian-American Christian woman. Her art work reflects her beliefs in the celebration of Life, Truth, Freedom, Beauty inspiring to break away from convention for a personal understanding of the world.

Koloud ‘Kay’ Tarapolsi is a Libyan American artist who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab culture.  Kay is the owner and craftsperson behind A Crafty Arab!

Ali Rouhfar is world renown for his expertise in Arabic calligraphy art forms, Ali’s work epitomizes the integration of both Persian & Arabic cultures. His artwork is inspired by the verses of the Quran providing spiritual meaning & inspiration to the human experience.

If you are unable to support the fundraising gala, please do come by BAM to see the exhibit. It will be there until January 31st, with a closing reception at 5pm.
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